RHS Tatton Flower Show 2015 - Paul Hervey Brooks - Gold Award by Kat Weatherill

The Perennial Legacy Garden 

Sponsor: Perennial Gardeners' Benevolent Society

Designer: Paul Hervey Brooks

Awards: Gold Award and Best in Show 

Garden Details 

The Garden is inspired by components seen in a traditional English Country House Gardens, and is intended to feel like part of a classic English Country House garden with long mixed herbaceous borders, a pavilion and a working area where gardeners would have nursery beds and a bothy. 

The garden is bound by deciduous hedging and rendered walls, both used extensively in country gardens fitting into a vernacular English style. 

Colour Scheme/Planting 

The planting palette is a mixture of herbaceous perennial, shrubs and annuals taking its inspiration from long mixed borders such as those at Arley Hall and Upton House. All of the plants selected have been chosen to suit the assumed soil type and aspect and is intended to encompass a range of colours making swathes of colour along the length of the borders.

RHS Tatton Flower Show 2015 - Sharon Hockenhull - Gold Award by Kat Weatherill

Light Catcher

Designer: Sharon Hockenhull

Award: Gold and Best in Show for Year of Light Garden 

 Garden Details 

Light is an ancient source of energy that fuels all life; it is a constant that has evolved into a universal symbol of hope and inspiration. No matter where we are in the world, our experience of light is what fundamentally unites us. ‘Light Catcher’ is an experience of light; offering visitors an opportunity to see how natural light can be captured and harnessed in the garden setting to create drama and ambience. By using a range of materials chosen for their reflective, diffusive and fluctuating qualities we will create a visually reactive, contemplative space to rest and pass through; symbolising a celebration of our collective and unifying experiences of light. 

Colour Scheme/Planting 

Planting design focuses on key plants that catch light, using grasses with fine seed heads that shimmer and glisten, tall perennials that give accent and a colour scheme that focuses on iridescent, purple and metallic blue hues with hints of pale lemon and white. The overall effect will create a haze of luminosity that alters and moves with fluctuating light levels.

RHS Tatton Flower Show 2015 - Garden Hideaways - Flowers From The Farm by Kat Weatherill

Designers: Flowers From The Farm

The shed is a flower arranger’s dream - a hideaway to cut British flowers and spend time arranging them into wonderful designs. Painted pale blue on the outside and cream inside, with a up-cycled slate roof. At the rear of the shed there is a recycled sewing machine table, painted and set up like a flower shop with buckets of freshly cut British flowers arranged on and around it. 


RHS Tatton Flower Show 2015 - Dreamscapes - Silver Gilt by Kat Weatherill

Aurora Aubora

Designer: Dreamscape Gardens Ltd

Award: Silver Gilt

 Garden Details 

This garden is intended for all walks of life, as a space of reflection, a haven for relaxation and a visual feast. A tree house has been designed for children, and the designer’s desire to see the aurora borealis has been translated into a planting scheme and installation. It is an overall peaceful, enchanting, inspiring, intriguing garden space for people to be amazed by plants, colours, light, reflections, mirrors, rainbows, sounds and water. 

Colour Scheme/Planting 

Drifts of upright perennial blooms chosen to represent colours in the rainbow and the northern lights, grasses chosen for ripple effect, white bark of betula to reflect projected rainbow colours from solar lighting.

RHS Tatton Flower Show 2015 - Leon Davis - Gold Award by Kat Weatherill

leon davis RHS tatton show garden 2015 design

Quantum of Light

Designer: Leon Davis

Award: Gold

Garden Details 

Inspired by a computer generated image from CERN. The garden will be a visual interpretation of the moment an atom is energized following a particle collision thus emitting photons which are particles representing a quantum of light. A colour palette of red, blue and yellow flowering plants will create a dynamic 'energy flash' which will radiate from a central concrete core. The hard landscape materials of steel and concrete have been chosen to symbolize industrial processes used to create the event. 

Colour Scheme/Planting 

Intense coloured yellow lines, red towers and blue are used in the image to depict high energy photons being released from a collision creating an 'energy flash'. The intense violet blues of Salvia × sylvestris 'Mainacht' the deep reds of Achillea millefolium 'Red Velvet and the strong yellows of Rudbeckia fulgida 'Early Bird Gold 'Goldstar' will be planted in dynamic shapes to recreate this event.

RHS Tatton Flower Show 2015 - Jarman Murphy - Gold Award by Kat Weatherill

Jarman Murphy Tatton 2015 design

A Quiet Corner

Designers: JarmanMurphy 

Awards: Gold & Best in Show for Back to Back Gardens

Garden Details 

The garden is inspired by countryside and coastal walks and has been designed as a calm and peaceful space inviting the visitor in to pause, reflect and feel safe within a soft enclosure of fluid grasses and a sheltering tree. Grasses planted in a soft curl weave through the garden creating gentle movement, whilst a still pool of water reflects the sky and tree above. 

The grey rendered feature wall provides a solid contrast for the tall grasses. The extending curved section bisects the grasses, gently enclosing the seated area of the garden providing a vertical accent to anchor the space and adds sculptural and interest. 

Colour Scheme/Planting 

Three varieties of grass chosen for movement, light capturing qualities and subtle sound. A small multi-stemmed tree provides shelter and interesting textures, filtering the light making light play on the surfaces. By using grasses the garden evokes movement, texture and fluidity. The planting has a restrained and simple design with contrasting forms and fine textures aimed at creating a relaxing, calm and inviting space



Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - The Time In Between - Charlie Albone - Silver Gilt Award by Kat Weatherill

Designer: Charlie Albone

Sponsors: Husqvana and Gardena

Award: Silver Gilt

Charlie Albone, an Australian based designer, created his first RHS Chelsea Show Garden, inspired by a space to update his late father about his life since he passed away. An emotive space, the garden has different sections, each telling a story. The first section celebrates life with beautiful, romantic planting; a water feature in the second section offers a space for reflection; and the third, at the rear of the garden, is an intimate space to sit, connect and communicate with loved ones. Varied textures & colours including silver, white, purple and pinks complement the hard landscaping with planting to be enjoyed and supply interest all year round with a highlight in spring. 

Planting/Colour Scheme 

The plants chosen are all plants that grow well in Charlie’s garden in Australia, one-hour north of Sydney. The front section will have a combination of ball shaped cloud shrubs combined with romantic perennial planting. The rear of the garden will be more shade loving and have more foliage plants as the area is intimate and subdued. Pinks, purples and whites will be the dominate colours of the garden. There will be four great Multistem trees and a feature known as ‘the tree of life’ which is an old dead stump with a Ficus growing through it representing the rebirth of life. 18 hand carved pillars and 19 slabs of sandstone were shipped from Sydney Australia, and a woven copper ring will hang on the hedge above the water feature created by Luke Storrier.

Charlie Albone Cheslea 2015 Design

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - Urban Retreat - Adam Frost - Gold Award by Kat Weatherill

Designer: Adam Frost

Sponsor: Homebase

Award: Gold

Adam Frost returns to RHS Chelsea following a Gold medal win for Homebase with his design for Time to Reflect in 2014. Taking inspiration from the work of modernist architect Marcel Breuer, the garden also represents the balance of nature and the manmade environment. As a place for a small inner-city community to come together the garden includes a lawn, water features and an arbour for people to enjoy the night sky. The three main materials are Portland cement concrete, corten steel and cedar, which reflect the imagined urban landscape. The planting is mainly ornamental and wildlife-friendly. 

Homebase launched a ground-breaking Garden Academy Scheme in September 2013 to help raise the profile of a career in gardening and to inspire young people to get into gardening. A number of the young apprentices will worked with Adam on his 2015 RHS Chelsea garden. 

Planting/Colour Scheme 

The garden will include a rich and earthy colour palette, moving from deep crimson to burnt orange to reflect the orange-brown patina of corten steel, whilst the lush green foliage of the ferns and hedging will stand out against the imposing concrete framework. There will be an accent of pale blue throughout the scheme.  

The planting palette has been designed with wildlife in mind using simple plants that allow insects to flourish including irises, geraniums, Deschampsia and Digitalis, which will sit alongside Taxus domes that provide nesting space for insects and birds and Cercidiphyllum japonicum (katsura) trees which act as a source of food for the resident bees. Grasses and wildflowers will bring a softness to the urban setting while two impressive tree ferns positioned behind the corten steel and cedar-clad building will add a structural element to the palette. 

The roof of the pavilion, sited at the rear of the garden, will be covered with a new mix of wildflower turf seen for the first time at RHS Chelsea. The roof will provide another haven for wildlife. Six imposing Cercidiphyllum japonicum (katsura) trees will punctuate the garden.

chelsea 2015 adam frost design

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - The Retreat - Jo Thompson - Silver Gilt Award by Kat Weatherill

Designer: Jo Thompson

Award: Silver Gilt

Sponsor: M&G

Award-winning designer, Jo Thompson, returns to RHS Chelsea with a Main Avenue garden for RHS Chelsea Flower Show sponsor M&G Investments. As a much loved and well used space, the M&G Retreat Garden has a beautifully crafted, sturdy double storey oak-framed building, a natural dipping pool and soft elegant planting. 

The garden also has two areas for sitting and resting; a curved wooden bench sunk into an area surrounded by flowers and a sleek stone bench at the water’s edge of the natural swimming pool. Two stone sculptures by artist Tom Stogdon will also add to the garden’s creative ambience. 

Planting/Colour Scheme 

A number of different trees, including Betula nigra, Acer japonicum ‘Vitifolium’ and Robinia will surround a beautifully crafted sturdy two storey oak-framed building. Soft elegant planting with swathes of roses, irises and geraniums will sweep through the garden giving it a naturalistic feel providing the prefect space to relax, cool off and enjoy the outdoors 

Planting includes ornamental shrubs and perennials with some native specimens. Trees are primarily multi-stemmed Betula nigra. The pond regeneration zones uses a range of aquatic plants. A palette of green, pink, blue, white/cream, punctuated with deep wine colours and occasional splashes of pinkish-orange will feature in the garden. Key materials used will include Oak and Purbeck stone

Jo Thompson Design Chelsea 2015

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - Brewers Yard - Silver Award - Designed by Bestall & Co by Kat Weatherill

Designer: Bestall & Co

Award: Silver 

Sponsors: Welcome to Yorkshire

Brewers Yard is a celebration of Yorkshire's micro-breweries and stunning ale offering. Aesthetically, it is an illustration of the historical fusion between a recently refurbished old Yorkshire brewing shed and elements of a modern microbrewery. 

The garden is an interpretation of, and aims to share the story of the elements of the micro brewing process, then and now. A modern water feature inspired by brewing uses a combination of traditional materials and techniques with stylised design. The garden is accessorised with modern and antique brewing equipment. 

Planting/Colour Scheme 

Naturalistic, soft and gentle planting, punctuated with evergreen spheres of Buxus. 

The garden comprises entirely of Yorkshire-origin components, from reclaimed stone to brewing equipment, and represents over 200 micro-breweries in Yorkshire.

Bestall and Co design Chelsea Artisan Garden 2015 Welcome to Yorkshire

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - A Trugmaker's Garden - Gold Award by Kat Weatherill

Designers: Serena Fremantle & Tina Vallis

Award: Gold

Sponsors: Future Climate Info

A Trugmaker's Garden celebrates the traditional skills of the Sussex trugmakers, who make the iconic willow and sweet chestnut garden trugs, which are still made in the region today, by beautifully depicting a trugmaker's garden at the front of a traditional timber built workshop. 

The garden's vibrant planting scheme is indicative of its time, as a means of attracting passing trade. The busy workshop is bursting with willow and chestnut wood and the traditional Trugmaker's tools which are still used today. A bold and bright colour scheme runs through the garden with vibrant colours of oranges, plums, acid greens with a splash of blue with an organised informal planting style. The statement plant is the brightly coloured geum’s zing. 

Planting/Colour Scheme 

The materials and techniques of trugmaking are reflected throughout the garden including in its path and border edging. The steps to the garden use reclaimed brick typical of the Sussex Weald. None of the materials are new but traditional as befits an Artisan Garden and have been used creatively to reflect A Trugmaker’s Garden. Materials include Castanea sativa (chestnut) and Salix alba var. caerulea (cricket-bat willow) are repeated throughout the garden. These are the woods used by the Sussex trugmaker’s. The workshop is built from reclaimed oak, the steps from reclaimed bricks, the path is crushed sandstone. Piles of wood shavings from the trugmaking litter the floor of the workshop.

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - The Telegraph Garden - Gold Award - Designed by Marcus Barnett by Kat Weatherill

Designer: Marcus Barnett

Award: Gold

Sponsor: The Telegraph

Contractor: Crocus.co.uk

Marcus Barnett has designed a garden inspired by the De Stijl Movement. The garden reflects strong rectilinear geometry with coloured blocks contributing colour and textural relief, whether viewing from within or when viewed from above. Contrasting colours and tones surround a series of differing scaled waterways. Trees and hedges introduce vertical detailing, sculptural form and dappled shade. 

Planting/Colour Scheme 

Plants have been selected to provide harmonious tonal balance and textural contrast within rectilinear planting spaces. Colour blocks of vibrant primary colours, red, yellow, blue closely related tones used by the De Stijl Movement are emphasised, with restful and balancing foils of green and white. Each colour block has 4-6 different species of perennials and annuals, that when combined form an overall hue of red, blue, or yellow. 

The style is similar to the traditional bedding scheme, but dramatically brought up to date in a contemporary setting. Annuals and perennials are used as part of a seasonal display to create vibrant and interesting effects. The planting will create a stimulating space, and is also designed to leave a striking impression when viewed from above (ie from a rear window of the house). Statement plants include Paeonia Itoh hybrid, Doronicum . excelsum ‘Harpur Crewe’, Acanthus mollis ‘Rue Ledan’, Fritillaria imperialis ‘Lutea’ and tulips 

Key materials being used include Basaltite stone, from Italy, which is used in the 130mm thick floating paving. Powder coated steel forms the structure for the various rills, pools, and two raised planters. The plain walls are formed from cast concrete panels. The panels in the waterwall and main feature wall are cast concrete with a subtle relief detail on the surface. Each panel varies in size and thickness.