Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - Brewers Yard - Silver Award - Designed by Bestall & Co / by Kat Weatherill

Designer: Bestall & Co

Award: Silver 

Sponsors: Welcome to Yorkshire

Brewers Yard is a celebration of Yorkshire's micro-breweries and stunning ale offering. Aesthetically, it is an illustration of the historical fusion between a recently refurbished old Yorkshire brewing shed and elements of a modern microbrewery. 

The garden is an interpretation of, and aims to share the story of the elements of the micro brewing process, then and now. A modern water feature inspired by brewing uses a combination of traditional materials and techniques with stylised design. The garden is accessorised with modern and antique brewing equipment. 

Planting/Colour Scheme 

Naturalistic, soft and gentle planting, punctuated with evergreen spheres of Buxus. 

The garden comprises entirely of Yorkshire-origin components, from reclaimed stone to brewing equipment, and represents over 200 micro-breweries in Yorkshire.

Bestall and Co design Chelsea Artisan Garden 2015 Welcome to Yorkshire