RHS Tatton Flower Show 2015 - Sharon Hockenhull - Gold Award / by Kat Weatherill

Light Catcher

Designer: Sharon Hockenhull

Award: Gold and Best in Show for Year of Light Garden 

 Garden Details 

Light is an ancient source of energy that fuels all life; it is a constant that has evolved into a universal symbol of hope and inspiration. No matter where we are in the world, our experience of light is what fundamentally unites us. ‘Light Catcher’ is an experience of light; offering visitors an opportunity to see how natural light can be captured and harnessed in the garden setting to create drama and ambience. By using a range of materials chosen for their reflective, diffusive and fluctuating qualities we will create a visually reactive, contemplative space to rest and pass through; symbolising a celebration of our collective and unifying experiences of light. 

Colour Scheme/Planting 

Planting design focuses on key plants that catch light, using grasses with fine seed heads that shimmer and glisten, tall perennials that give accent and a colour scheme that focuses on iridescent, purple and metallic blue hues with hints of pale lemon and white. The overall effect will create a haze of luminosity that alters and moves with fluctuating light levels.