Photographing a garden, is equally an immense joy and at times a challenge, with the delights of the English weather! Before capturing a garden I will access where the best angles are and where the sun is in relation to the garden at different times of day. Also to discover if the garden has viewpoints that invite the visitor to explore, from a path meandering to a hidden gate, a sculpture that draws the eye to another area, a change in the colour palette of planting.

Capturing these elements of the garden sparks the curiosity and imagination of the viewer and can take them on a virtual journey of inspiration around the garden.

If you are a writer looking to feature a garden in a magazine article, or need to capture specialist plant profiles for a book, or create a catalogue of images for your website & social media accounts I would be delighted to work with you.

Simply click on each image below to see a larger version…..

For more information about garden & plant photography please get in touch.


Summer garden featured above is owned by Susan Dobson of the Yorkshire Dales Flower Company


Autumn garden images captured at Gresgarth Hall, Lancashire.